“Nothing is more beautiful than a smile that has struggled through tears”
-Demi Lovato

Do the work, get results!
Update !!!

Hello loves,
I have been working and now that school started i have had no time to go on the computer. Just a little update i am currently 125 pouds :) A total of 25lbs lost this summer!! I started at 150 and slowly through-out the summer lost the weight the healthy way. i am still trying to get on a healthy eating track and wanting to tone up, but i am doing good. i love all my classes and my job is going well too. If anybody needs anything message me i will be checking daily:)

Message me now, anybody; let me know how your journy is or to just talk :)


8 banana lunch on the run

Why did you delete my comment. Smh."Got legs?"*There, I put it back for you.


awesome running guide ❤️

This summer was a huge thing for me. I got a job, passed all my classes, and got back on my feet. I started the summer at 155 pounds, and not knowing what i was going to do for school.

I just started my senior year at 125 pounds, a steady job and i love my whole schedual.I have an amazing boyfriend who has been helping me, and my best friend who is my everything.

Sometimes it takes a person to be at their lowest point before they can realize they need to change something. i am so proud of myself for making the decisions i made this summer. I did not drink, did not go to partys, nor did i ever miss a day of work or call out. In fact i was the one always coming in because my other co- works would keep messing up the schedual. i was able to buy myself things with money i earned and put money away for a car.

Sorry i havent been updating a lot this summer was crazy, but in the best way possible. i hope everybody is doing well back at school :) Love you babes!!